Nissan Sani 4x4
Nissan Sani 4 x 4

Right hand side of car


Front left

Front right

Middle dashboard
Radio with remote control

Back left

Back seat

Steering wheel

Electronic windows and sentral locking
Electronic windows and central locking

Philips amp
Philips Amp


181132 km
Only 181132 km


Electronic mirrors, alarm, back wiper
Electronic mirrors and alarm system

Lots of loading space

3l, V6 engin

Light bent in right runner board
Light bent in left side runner board

Some screatch marks to one mag
Some screatch marks to one mag

Screatch marks to rear bumper
Some screatch marks in rear bumper.

Screatch marks to bullbar
Some screatch marks on bullbar.

Dent to bullbar
Dent on left corner of bullbar.